Facet 7 is One on One Interactions per women and beer. This has a few facets in and unto itself.

1. One on One interaction of a woman and her beer. Very personal, no external conversation need take place.

photo by Kate Parks

2. One on One interaction of a woman and her beer seller. Whether it be at the store, pub, or bar. She wants to have some sort of relationship with the seller to build her knowledge of beer.

3. One on One interaction of a woman and a brewery. Whether she’s a regular or a one time visitor, she wants to feel good about the interactions that transpire on the production of the beer.

4. One on One interactions with a woman and the people she’s enjoying beer with. Who are they, did she choose them, did they choose her, does she want to stay or go?

It all starts and ends with #1. Always remember: it’s about her, not you or your brand. Start and end with her.

31 Facets of Women & Beer Series starts here

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