Economics lessons rarely include the everyday idea: how do I budget my enjoyment of beer into my life?

What's the economic proposition of your beer for women?

While most women perhaps don’t think that specifically (although I know some do have a beer budget!), it’s important nonetheless to recognize that:

  • With women the spenders of 80+% of all dollars in the USA…
  • With females being 50+% of the global population…
  • With THOUSANDS of beers out there…

…one needs to be cognizant of the beer budget for women.

One great thing is many beers are highly affordable per volume proposition. A six-pack of bottles or cans is a very economical way to fully enjoy many ounces of flavor, share and repeat.

Look at how your beers are priced, including the pricing per packaging with her in mind. She makes the purchases, even though she may not always even drink it. She’s still in charge (or cash or check).

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