Taking her money should be easy for her. Since she spends 80+% of American dollars it should be simple and enjoyable for her to pay you for your beer.

Gladly accept the currency you do – making it very clear what you do in fact accept.

  • Cash is queen – we’ll assume everyone takes cash. And if we’re wrong, you should.
  • Checks – up to you (we certainly do). We’re amazed at how many people still carry a checkbook, especially women who carry purses. There’s room and it’s still an option for many. We gladly take them because if a check is convenient for her, it’s convenient for us.
  • Credit cards – pretty ubiquitous; they’re everywhere. Usually a great choice.
  • Debit cards – really no different from a check, simply with the electronic transfer vs. paper payment.
  • If you only take cash, be very sure anyone on the serving or sales side is up front and tells her this right away. “Just so you know, we’re glad to accept cash as payment – sorry, no plastic or checks.” Get it out of the way so there’s no awkward moment.

However you do it don’t you dare charge an extra fee for her to use a credit card. Since when does the merchant dictate how the consumer should spend!? This is seriously offensive. Build credit card costs into your business model. Charging an extra fee for her to use a method to buy something from you and support your business is backasswards.

Make it easy, make it acceptable, and smile while you’re doing it. ALWAYS with a thank you.

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  1. Dina

    This will depend on the country – here in Australia, I don’t know anyone who carries a checkbook… and most people don’t even have checking *accounts*. (Our banking system is set up differently, obviously.)


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