Friends and colleagues periodically ask me “do you need much sleep?” It’s a well-meaning question (yes, I do) and always makes me laugh. I think I get asked because to them I’m always busy, traveling and working.

One way I’d describe myself when asked what I “do” is that I’m a moth in a room full of light bulbs. With full respect to crows and shiny objects, every possibility and opportunity is a light bulb. A potential something or other to think about, consider, pursue and examine.

Are you a moth?

Are you a moth?

Being a moth is both invigorating and exhausting. More invigorating and stimulating though all the same if your senses are fully open and engaged, the whole world is a mass of light bulbs.

  • Do I want to change the world? Yes! One light bulb.
  • Do I want to tackle all the ideas that I think have merit? Yes! There are two.
  • Do I want to help others with their ideas and light bulbs? Yes. Three and counting…
  • Do I need to make a living for my family? Yes. And up the counter moves.

Being a moth means always looking around. Where’s the flower, where’s the breeze blowing, and which direction should I go next after I land here for a bit?

If you’re in business, be a moth. Know that your customers are your light bulbs and they need attention, care and feeding. Know that the light bulbs will go out unless you cultivate and develop the relationships necessary to keep both them and you in actively in the game.

Moths. Light bulbs. Hmmm…. hang on I’ll be right back. I see a new light bulb to investigate…

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