B is for Beer. Of course!

It’s also for Brewing which is cooking. Hence a food connection.

If you like to cook, perhaps you like to homebrew. If you homebrew perhaps you like to cook. I like to cook with food and beer and am not interested in homebrewing. Respect them I do – the brewers of the world. And women have always brewed beer. The World over.

Ashleigh Carter, Brewer at Prost/Denver & Ginger during GABF 2012

It’s our collective short memory that doesn’t recognize that women are the brewers in households and communities literally everywhere. One of the best books I can recommend that comprehensively covers this as a matter of course in the entire book is Chris O’Brien’s Fermenting Revolution: How To Drink Beer And Save The World.

WEB’s own Emily and Kat are both homebrewers and I love that they do and enjoy hearing about their exploits and discoveries. The contagious enthusiasm that brewers have, professional and home, is universal.

If you’re interested in learning more about home brewing, contact the American Homebrewers Association. They’re chock full of info, knowledge, opportunity and fabulous people who come together over beer making.

Here’s another recent book release that can help you learn more about beer.

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