In examining some beer packaging recently I came across a case of Abita Purple Haze. I’ve seen the beer on cooler shelves before so that isn’t what caught my eye. It was the smart packaging that peaked my interest.

Packaging and information on said packaging on the vast majority of beers need a lot of improvement. There’s a dearth of pertinent consumer information that should be included, which is not, and there’s info on the beers that’s not pertinent, yet there it is.

Is your packaging leading people to your brand - or away from it?

A case = flat of 4 – 6 pack of 12 ounce bottles (granted cans would be much better) and the entire set up was worth reading completely – so I did.

Here’s what Abita has done right.

  1. Clear easy to read text and font. Not over crowded or too small, fancy or otherwise difficult to read.
  2. Flavor Profile – YES!!!! Color scale, Hops scale, Yeast info, Malt and water notes.
  3. Food Pairing  – I can’t stress enough that this is a million dollar idea. Why wouldn’t a brewery include food pairings AND recipes on their packaging?? This should be standard practice.
  4. Brief description of the kind of beer and a the few sentences are easy for everyone to understand and not technical (which isn’t very important to most average consumers). Save the technical info for your website.
  5. “Beer doesn’t grow on trees.” – Environmental comments on the businesses responsibility factor.
  6. A list of all their beers = nice optional info. If they like one, then they’ll look for others your list. Make it easy for them to ask for your beers by name.
  7. A list of avenues to connect with Abita. Sharing how the consumers can get a hold of the brand is critical. Communication and availability of information is more important all the time with consumers.
  8. A small map of where the brewery is located. They utilized all sides of the packaging they’re already buying and printing on. Use them all – you’re paying for the whole thing, right?

Take a nod and provide plenty of information to the consumer in your packaging. You’ll get more brand buying, more brand buy in and happier customers. Which should make for a happier and more successful business.

Cheers Abita – this Purple Haze is to you!

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