Today you may see me in a few airports then in the fine City of Denver, Colorado for the week. Tomorrow starts the 31st edition of the Craft Brewers Conference, put on by the Brewers Association hosted this year in the Mile High City.

Sky High view of Denver

Sky High view of Denver

I attend this conference every year, without fail, for business development, camaraderie, and education. It’s one of the biggies and has grown from 2400 attendees at my first one in 2009 to an anticipated crowd of 8900+ this year. Wow!

What does this conference hold for attendees, beyond the three attributes mentioned above?

  • World class people. Speakers, educators, and vendors. Connections are there for the making and it’s up to attendees to navigate and take full advantage of this unique super concentrated event to start and build relationships.
  • World class people and events. Every single moment of the week, no kidding, is overfull of happenings and the chance to connect and reconnect with friends and colleagues.
  • BrewExpo America Trade Show is chock full of literally hundreds of vendors, suppliers, growers, and service companies at the ready to talk, field questions and take orders.
  • Great City. Denver itself is a terrifically fun and engaging city to visit, stay and play. As a mecca for not only beer, the pedestrian friendly 16th Street Mall area with complementary bus, light rail and public bike share, myriad food and drink establishments, and world-class Museum are all attractive reasons.

I’ve spoken at a number of the conferences. In fact WEB launched publicly at the 2009 CBC in Boston, MA, to a standing room only audience. It’s a constant challenge to try to see, take in and talk to everyone you want.

Making time to view and plan the agenda, your plans and the lay of the land in advance is the best way to tackle this event, whether seasoned or as a first time guest.

Challenges notwithstanding, it’s a must attend for me. The coming together to so many incredibly plugged in people, helping each other, sharing information for the good of the whole, having a great time and sipping mighty fine beverages are more than enough reasons to go.

Education is the opportunity to improve your life. The CBC is one of those opportunities.

Hope to see you there with 8000+ of my friends – Cheers!

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