These are the people of BeerRadio – each one great!

Here’s today’s guest, Ashley Salvitti of Brewvana – friend, colleague, and beer enthusiast. Enjoy the program, aired live each Wednesday 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, archived for your listening leisure within days of original airing.

Ashley Rose loves beer.  She blames her father for spoiling her taste buds at an early age, which has led to her current SNOB status. Papa Sal let her sip off of the finest brews that upstate New York had to offer as a toddler in the early 80s. Years later he always had the fridge stocked with his newest favorite dogfish head, or a growler of the local IPA. While most high school students pounded Bud Lights and 40s, Ashley Rose was enjoying handcrafted ales that she snagged from the assortment in the garage. As a proud mug club member, Papa Sal urged his daughter to get a job at the brewery in the neighboring town when she was 17. And so she did. She has been serving delicious beer ever since. Although he was sad when Ashley decided to move across the country, he was comforted knowing that she was in the beer capitol of the world: Portland, Oregon. Ashley Rose loves beer and is passionate about the history and culture of the craft brewing industry in Portland, and she wants to share it with you!

Thanks to Ninkasi Brewing for their support of BeerRadio, one component of Women Enjoying Beer Bringing Beer To Life!


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