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Okay – Whew! What a whirlwind last two weeks. My apologies for being so sporadic. Back on track…

The Craft Brewers Conferenceentirely fun, productive, and rewarding. Yes, it’s a beer conference. Yes, it’s still a big investment of time, energy, dollars and mental energy. LOTS to share about the conference – you’ll read about it in the coming months.

Women Enjoying Beer is enjoying a steady increase in attention, patronage and interest. My humble and many thanks to you all – to you all who spread it forward too.

This afternoon Anna and I head out to visit Scott, Southern Oregon Brewing, to case the joint. See the brewery and taproom as we’ll be having the May WEB meet up there. Very interested in getting more people – women specifically – actively engaged in visiting the breweries to really connect way more dots.

So – I jokingly say, when people ask me how I got into doing this – It’s a tough job. Really – it does require diligence, persistence, and a constancy to purpose. Such is Life. Such is business.

And I’m grateful to get to work with so many flat out incredible people in the beer community – brewers, consumers, and everyone in between.

Cheers –


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2 Responses to “Back in Action”

  1. Cindy

    I envy you, but in a good way, because I have a huge passion for craft beer and want to work in the industry sooooo badly. It’s a shame that I feel this passion is going to waste and passing me by because I can’t put it to use in a job setting like I would like to.

    You go girl!!! 🙂

  2. Ginger

    Hi Cindy – Hope all is well, good to hear from you. Put your passion to work – what have you done in the last week to try to infiltrate? Followed a brewer? Talked to a brewery about all the different things they have position wise? Volunteered with a brewery for a festival? (GABF is coming up again – perfect networking environ) Waste only happens without action. I know you can get into doing something you love per beer – don’t envy me; do something about it. I created WEB and there’s no reason a smart engaged person like you cannot find a good fit. Consider this a gentle nudge. Stay in touch – let me know when you’ve made progress – or need another cheer session. Best, Ginger


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