Beer and neighborhoods go well together. This Saturday’s Fremont Fest is testimony to that. Let me expound.

Portland Oregon is a very neighborhood oriented city. Old established neighborhoods, ‘new’ neighborhoods, re-invigorated neighborhoods, and everything in between. It’s one thing I find endearing and very friendly about it. And there’s a lot of ownership to it when you talk to people and find out where they live.

Sure there’s some good-natured smack talk, yet overall it’s all a pride of where they all come from.

Emily (l) & Ginger(r) at the gracious and gorgeous Goschie Farm last summer

So it’s with pleasure that we return to Fremont Fest this weekend, one of the rare non beer focused fests we attend. We do this because Emily, our fine WEB Events Developer, who happens to live in Portland, suggested it last year, when we didn’t know each other very well.

She was right, as she usually is, and it was a happy success. Being able to be right in the middle of someone’s neighborhood, being part of an event people are taking pride in and participating actively within was and is very rewarding. The people we talked with and questions we answered were engaging and fun all around.

Beer is family and neighborhood oriented. Always has been. Read your herstory of how this remarkable country developed and you’ll clearly see how multi generational events are of value to our society.

If you’re in Portland this weekend, come find out bright orange WEB tent and say hello (we’ll have special entry coupons to pass out for next weekends’ Bite of Oregon too!)

Like Emily states, welcome – we’re glad you’re here!

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