Battle Cry: a cry or shout of troops in battle.

When considering beer headed into your future, ask and consider the following:

  1. What’s your beer style? Are you open-minded? Are you narrow in your choices?
  2. Do you let others suggest, recommend and offer you new flavors?
  3. What's your beer battle cry?

    What’s your beer battle cry?

    When you think of beer, do you also think of food with it?

  4. You only succeed in your beer adventures when you let yourself. How do you help your self pursue true no-barriers adventures? Do you holler your beer battle cry before beginning?
  5. Do you encourage others to pursue their own beer adventures?
  6. Questions are the answer. Be a curious person. Ask yourself questions, ask others questions, ask anyone you like about beer. Then shut up and listen.
  7. An open mind is the best tool to enjoy beer. Is yours open?
  8. Do you give yourself the opportunity to be the explorer in your adventures? Do you give opportunities to others?
  9. What’s your beer battle cry?

Now, go practice.

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