Do you respond or react when you learn of information which startles you into the reality of life?

Case in point: many beer companies are selling to other companies and entities these days. This pattern will likely continue, as does any industry that experiences robust growth as the beer making industry has.

So do you react – or do you respond?

First of all, let’s consider one very important facet of businesses selling to other businesses. The business that chooses to sell is the seller. There’d be no sale if the seller wasn’t interested. So for people who get irked or high and mighty about their favorite brewery being ‘bought out’ is a misnomer: the seller has to agree to that first. Start with them, the seller, before accusatorily getting righteous.

Whatever the case may be, I'll have another beer.

Whatever the case may be, I’ll have another beer.

Next, if the plan of the ownership of a brewery – like any business – sees their business plan and exit strategy as selling to another party, good for them. That is strictly the business of the ownership, not ours as the consumers or observers. If that’s your plan, go for it.

A reaction is a response to an influence or event.

A response is an answer or reply.

They’re similar yet still different.

Everyone needs to withhold judgement before seeing what actually unfolds with a change of ownership.

Here’s the newsflash: when one company sells to another and a spokesperson for either entity comes out and says, “Nothing Will Change”, they’re lying. It may be innocent lying, but they are lying all the same.

The business has changed hands – how could it possibly remain the same!? It can’t, literally – it’s now changed. So before you blow up when you perceive that the business or beer did in fact change (whether it actually did or not), remember: the first thing that changed was ownership so of course operations will change.

Change seems to be something resisted with a great deal of effort. We’d be better served to simply observe, consider and then experience before judging and shouting.

Beer companies will continue to change hands. Breweries will continue to come online and grow into attractive enterprises to buy. It’s the way business can work for all of us. Simply enjoy what you enjoy, go with the changing-hands flow and be nice. There will always be more beer.

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