What’s your beer Declaration?

What do you want to preach from the rooftops about how you feel about beer? About the flavors and people? About how those who invest in the beer business by and large are great contributors to our communities the globe over?



Me? I want to – and will continue to – talk about Beer Diplomacy. How important it is to be an open-minded person when it comes to beer, among other things. That being open-minded instead of a self-professed “snob” will make the progress of women, beer and flavor all the smoother and better for all.

I want to remind those who know and teach those who don’t that the work Feminism means equality for all. Beer is not a gender issue. Nor is WEB truly about gender. It’s about opportunity and talking and inviting a population (women) who’ve not been traditionally included in the beer conversation.

I want to share ideas, thoughts, suggestions and recipe notes. I want to pour and sip and nosh and taste with friends I already know and with people I haven’t yet met. I want to give beer to those who will embrace the experience and be another helpful diplomat with more and more people.

Pushing forward diplomacy with beer is as critical to me as is beer education taught by a well-rounded and enthusiastic person who sees beer for what it is. Gorgeous, flavorful, fun, meaningful, and simple beer.

Culture shift for the better, which is a big part of the goal for WEB, will only happen with open-minded people, being diplomats, sharing information in an approachable way for the greater good.

This I do declare.

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