Here’s my Beer Code of Conduct Rules for enjoyers, drinkers and buyers of beer.

  1.  Drink what you like, always following your own taste buds, brain and ideas of what beer can be.
  2. Accept whatever type and flavor of beer someone wants to drink. Always support them in their own beer pursuits.
  3. Welcome all comers to beer, whether they drink beer or not, whether they drink beer or prefer another beverage. The more we all gather, talk, and discuss over a beverage of any sort, the more progress humankind can make.
  4. Buy someone a beer the next opportunity you have. Pay it forward, balance out their tab and talk to your servers and beertenders about how you can surprise someone with the gift of a bought beer. It feels great and builds community.
  5. What path do you follow to promote beer?

    What path do you follow to promote beer?

    Support whatever breweries you wish, with total happy abandon. Listen only to your guiding lights and braincells, dismissing naysayers who aren’t you. You know what you like – support that.

  6. Advocate & practice Beer Diplomacy always and in all ways. The whole rising tide saying needs all boats; the tide is egalitarian and blind to what kind of boats and what kind of occupants. Diplomacy makes real things happen in our world.
  7. Share your beer. If you’ve got two people and one beer, split it. Give others a taste, a try, a sample, a bottle, a can, whatever container you are getting in beer – share it. Beer is always better shared.
  8. Give the gift of beer. Stock up on a few beers you love to share and give them as host gifts the next times you’re invited to a party, gathering, dinner, brunch, birthday. What. Ever. Beer is a celebration of flavor and camaraderie.

Any you’d add?

Cheers & keep enjoying.


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