Last spring I attended a Spiegelau Glass Class at the Craft Brewers Conference. I went to the session since My Fine Husband had noticed it, had hoped to go the previous year, was unable to locate last year and then had a conflict in going this year (drat!). So I went.

And I was blown away.

I knew that glassware influences beer and our experience with it. I had no idea how much until the session leader got up and got cranking. WOW! What a ball of energy and knowledge, good humor and passion. It was hands down one of the best presentations I had ever seen at this conference. Period.

Consider your glassware

Consider your glassware

Having shared a bit before, I want to share some more today – insights and thoughts about how we think about glass and glass ware and how it relates to our beer.

  • Spiegelau has been in business 500 years, with the parent company of Riedel
  • They call the ubiquitous and worst-shape scenario beer glass (tapered pint) a Joker
  • Ask: Is your glass designed to hold aroma?
  • Ask: what makes glass different, one kind or brand to another?
  • Answer: Quartz
  • Iron oxide in quartz will give the glass a green cast
  • Ultra pure quartz makes ultra thin glass
  • Think about: thermodynamic equilibrium
  • Humans have preconceived notions of how something works based on what it looks like.
  • Humans agonize and analyze.
  • In glass, microns are like miles
  • Spiegelau is cut from molds with lasers then polished
  • If your glass is bad, it’s not the beers fault.
  • Aroma in glassware needs to be harnessed or regulated

And as the speaker summed up the presentation with a very special feature glass (the Stout Glass, ala Left Hand Brewing and Rogue), these were prescient words:

“This is the status quo being changed.”

Cheers to that.

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