Beer goes with hotdogs,

beer goes with stew –

beer goes with humus and pickles and tofu.

Beer goes with friendship, camaraderie too!

Beer goes with summer,

beer goes with spring –

beer goes with autumn and winter then zing!

Beer goes with New Years,

beer goes with the news –

beer goes with birthdays and funerals and blues.

Beer goes with women,

beer goes with men –

beer goes with everyone, all occasions and then…

Beer goes with good times,

beer goes with bad –

just remember, my friends:

there’s beer to be had.

So when you’re out talking –

and sipping and such,

know beer is for people and keeping in touch.

Beer brings us together,

it’s got magic powers –

to have us all sit down, and get to know one another.

Beer’s good for communities

of folks far and wide –

Let’s use beer, together,

we’re stronger side by side.

Cheers ~


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