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In case you’re new to BeerRadio, it’s our weekly live recorded radio show with fun and interesting beer community folks. These are people who freely give an hour of their time in the name of good clean educational beer fun! Encore shows (previous episodes) are plugged in once in a while as well.

It’s a treat to get the call in the KSKQ Studio each week, ready to engage and talk with passionate and enlightening people all over the country. I’m thankful for all the fine folks who have given so generously of their time and insight, shared their thoughts, and helped us continue to offer more beer education.

Here’s a link to the Archive page – and WEB has a Radio & Video page here as well. Thank you to my producer Larry as well.

Below are the top downloads to this point. Who would you like to hear on the show? Send requests directly to

With a year and a half + on the records, it keeps getting better and more enjoyable! Cheers to great listening education.

Date Guest Company/Beer Connection Downloads
20120404 Rebecca Newman Dogfish Head 167
20120718 Win Bassett NC Brewers Guild 48
20120411 Julie Levy Grand Teton Brewing 43
20120815 Meg Gill Golden Road Brewing 40
20110713 Steven Pauwels Boulevard Brewing 34
20110810 Audra Marotta Mother Earth Brewing 29
20120829 Gina Schauland Deschutes Brewing 29
20120711 Chris Shepard Craft Brew News 28
20120822 Evan Benn St. Louis Post Dispatch 25
20111102 Veronica Vega Deschutes 25
20111019 Oliva Cerio Empire Brewing 24
20111214 Emily Engdahl PDX Beer Geeks 24
20110907 Shauna Carter PDX Brewery in Planning 22
20120104 Nancy Frketich Oregon Hops Commission 19
20121003 Jennifer O’Connell Georgia Ale & Lager Sirens 17
20110629 Josh Brewer Mother Earth Brewing 17
20110720 Ginger Johnson Beer Book episode 17
20110525 Julie Wartell 16
20110921 Matt Van Wyk Oakshire Brewing 16
20110302 Ginger Johnson Beer and Food 16
20111012 Steve Parkes American Brewers Guild 15
20120418 Fred Bueltmann New Holland Brewing 15
20110330 Ginger Johnson CBC Follow-Up 14
20111228 David Kapral AB Retired Brewmaster 14
20120111 Chris Erickson Snake River Brewing 14
20111207 Lauren Salazar New Belgium Brewing 14
20120208 Mike Kallenberger Tropos Brand Consulting 14
20110914 Stevie Caldarola Ladies of Craft Beer 13
20110504 Sarah Huska Cicerone Certification Program 13
20110406 John Holl & Journalist 13
20110413 Deverie Hart HurraBier 13
20120606 Brandon Turman 13
20110427 Renee Deluca Brewer’s Daughter 12
20120215 Hugh Sisson Heavy Seas Beer 12
20120523 David Walker Firestone Walker Brewing 12
20120425 Burc McFarlen Seattle Beer Authority 12
20120919 Dan Vandervort Hikes and Pints 12
20111221 Theresa Carpine Ladies of Craft Beer 11
20110817 Alison Grayson The Love of Beer–movie 11
20111005 Lisa Morrison The Beer Goddess 11
20121024 Gail Oberst Oregon Beer Growler 11
20110316 Ginger Johnson CAMFA–WEB signature training 10
20110824 Julia Herz Brewers Association 10

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