Wynkoop Brewing’s Black & Can, Black Lager, is a clever and very useable name. While they didn’t ask me, here are 2 reasons why we give it a thumbs up:

  • It’s a play on words (Black & Tan) that should make those familiar with beer smile. All takers, women and men.
  • The graphics look very German with no inappropriate sexuality – it’s focused on the quality beer in the can and straight forward design.

Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver CO

Canned beer is a great choice and a better one (over glass) all the time per sustainability. It’s encouraging to hear about more and more breweries canning their beer.

The days of tin-y tasting beer is more than over. If you have a hesitancy about present day canned beer, it’s all in your head – challenge yourself to try all the ‘newer’ canned beers you can wrap your fingers around.

This also means we can teach everyone that using cans for beer portability and enjoyment makes Mother Nature happy.

And when Mother’s happy, we can all be happy. Pass me a Black & Can, please….

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