Yesterday we launched the further explanation of CAMFA – a program WEB developed to help educate all beer enthusiasts. Welcome to part 2.

CAMFA: C = Color, A = Aroma

Please smell your beer

Aroma of beer is one the the first sensory aspects to truly learning about and enjoying beer. Scent tells us so much about the beer and you should always smell your beer before drinking it.

Why? Because the ingredients have so much to offer your nose!

If you don’t smell your beer yet, if you’re staff needs to learn how to smell their beer, then today’s the day to start. WEB always teaches smelling your beer at events. Without scent, flavors don’t have the same significance or impact either.

Rebecca Newman taught me a few methods of smelling beer: Bloodhound and Drive By. And that’s precisely what we share at all events. Teaching them the how and why equally solidify why smelling your beer matters to the entire enjoyability.

For many consumers, even though they may smell wine or foods, it’s never occurred to them to smell their beer first. It’s a terrific entry into your helping educate them via your own staff.

It’s important to keep in mind that smelling requires practice, just as other skills do. One thing to teach and encourage people to do is to name the smells they are sniffing. memory is an extremely powerful mechanism. When you can put a name to a scent, you can better recall that scent and keep the learning rolling forward.

So the next time you get invited to or host a “Beer Tasting” cover the smelling part first. Chances are good your nose will get to it before your taste buds do.

Tomorrow: Mouthfeel

CAMFA Series #1: Color

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