How do you create strong presence and brand success across markets?

  1. Show up strategically. Set your brand growth strategy in the markets that make sense for your brand. Do your homework to vet markets properly.
  2. Don’t show up carelessly. Avoid the markets that make no sense for your brand. Do your homework to vet markets properly.
  3. Take full responsibility for your brand growth. Carefully vet, interview and select all brand partners. Steady, smooth, deliberate growth is a trajectory most businesses can support.
  4. Once a market is identified, dedicate yourself to true market development. Better still, in your strategy dedicate specific funds to ideal client development. Set yourself up for success by doing well by the markets you’ve chosen, not getting distracted by the kind of albatross-like “growth” some companies find attractive.
  5. Keep your own objects shiny. Polish what you have, keep it running well, maintain and flourish where you choose to plant your brand.

Customers, ideal clients among them, want strong and steady. They want brands they can count on, they want go-to’s to buy and sip and share. They deserve your respect and in earning it, they’ll reward you handsomely.

Set your course, stay your course and build your brand.

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