p10202561Thanks to Erik for posting on the days events April 24th – appreciate it.

Check out our comment banter on his blog for a little more…I always appreciate those who engage in dialogue vs. monologue.

I’d agree with you again Erik in that I wish there had been WAY more time to go in depth. This is the proverbial and literal tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Let me know when we can connect, Erik – the beers will be on me.


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  1. erik

    I *do* think we’re arguing the same side with slightly different semantics.

    Speaking of dialogue, though, I have a related question – and maybe this is a function of the fact that your time was limited and I didn’t get to hear your whole idea:

    I am under the impression that your Women Enjoying Beer Club is strictly female-only. I understand this on a couple of levels – not only can a homogeneous group be less threatening, but it can also feel more exclusive.

    However, have you ever thought about including men – perhaps even on just a limited basis (invited by the women?) – in order to narrow the gender gap on how craft beer is perceived?

    A lot of women I know still have a hard time with beer around many of their male peers because the men have such a different view of the experience than they do. Either they (the men) are acting from an old fray-boyish “we must drink to get drunk” attitude or are having a difficult time communicating why the beer is good.

    I often like to suggest to my female friends, and especially those who aren’t sold on beer (yet), that part of educating women about beer is educating their male peers how to share what they like about beer.

    So, I guess my huge roundabout question is: Why not include men on the educational and social experience you’re creating?

    Cheers! The next time I’m through Iowa (or you’re through North Carolina) the second round will be on me.


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