Drinking responsibly. What does that mean to you?

A quick search online yields a lot of possibilities to think about. Here’s one resource, and another, and yet another.

What do you know about drinking responsibly? Read up!

What do you know about drinking responsibly? Read up!

To me it means a number of things, among them:

1. Being educated in ABV (Alcohol By Volume) in various beverages available, knowing what quantities of those beverages looks like in various glasses.

2. Under-drinking. I am very aware of how much alcohol I consume, never aim to get drunk or even tipsy, and drink water between beverages as much as possible. When I’m teaching and presenting, I take the responsibility seriously and do my best to limit tastes in small portions.

3. Having someone to count on and call as needed, for myself or others if and when situations arise.

4. Never drinking in games or contests. That’s a total knothead thing to do and denigrates the effort and resources behind all alcohol beverages.

5. Knowing something about what I’m drinking. I’m a learning enthusiast so am ever seeking educational insight on what interests me – alcohol is one of those topics. There are so many resources this day and age to tap into; find some that interest you and get to it.

6. Knowing when to intervene for someone else, whether they think they need or want it or not. It’s never cool to not help someone out.

No matter where you are in the community of consumption, be aware. Teach yourself, seek education, talk to people and read. Knowing about alcohol goes a very long way toward success and smooth sailing for everyone, whether you imbibe or not.

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