How do you do it? How do you earn trust?

  • When you build a reputable company, of whatever size and products
  • When you talk your talk and walk the walk
  • When you are authentic, admit mistakes, celebrate victories
  • When you are inspired and smart business people
  • When you can really step back, invite productive critiquing, listen to feedback

Then you earn trust.

How do you earn trust from a whole new market share that has previously not been included?

Earning the trust of women for beer companies isn't difficult.

Earning the trust of women for beer companies isn’t difficult.

Same as above with full initial recognition that every market segment is singular. Do not boilerplate strategy and tactics from one group to the other. Reference, fine. Good actually. Simply know and act on the fact that each segment is different – that’s the definition of segmentation. A sub-division and therefore a separate examination. Different market segments think and make decisions differently.

Earning women’s trust in the beer world is easy and simple. Start with basic research and go forward from there. Exercise fill respect and value. Include and inquire.

Don’t screw it up though. Be thoughtful. It’s incredibly hard to reverse the thinking in the mind of a consumer to negate a previously negative experience. All brands should take that advice.

Women enjoy beer. They want to be recognized as a powerful, viable, and smart market segment. They don’t want to be marketed to as women. They want to be marketed to as intelligent flavor loving people – just as everyone wants to be.

It’s a fine line yet to us it’s extremely obviously. Segmentation is smart when you want to research and define knowledge and therefore direction. Know the difference of segmenting for research and segmenting for marketing. Take care with both and you’ll be successful.

Women will be happier for it, knowing they’re respected and necessary for the brands’ success. Progress will be made, and that’s good for everyone.

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