When you have empty space in your fridge, what do you fill it with? Is beer automatically one of those goodies you stock up on or is it more of an impulse or purpose purchase?

Kind of low on beer right now...both tasty & waiting all the same.

Kind of low on beer right now…both tasty & waiting all the same.

Since I’m in the beer business, as well as being married to it (My Fine Husband is a long time pro brewer), it’s rare when we don’t have beer in the fridge. People bring us both beer as gifts and we are happy to buy beer when the spirit moves us. It’s part of our every day lives.

We rarely go out simply to buy beer, and it’s still one thing we do in fact enjoy and treat ourselves to.

Empty space in the fridge is almost a myth around my house too. As an avid cook and buyer of all things edible, our kitchen fridge (only) is kept happily stocked. From beer to pickles, from jam to soup, from bacon grease to vegetables…..

I could justify it by saying that a full fridge is more energy-efficient than a slightly or empty one. That seems realistic. If it’s on, it should be working to keep items cold, not just chill the space. All the same we use and therefore justify the fridge by keeping its belly abundantly full, beer included.

What I will justify is supporting brewers across the globe by enjoying the beers we choose to buy. Empty fridge? Not so much.

Keep your occupied with beer made by hardworking, flavor focused and fun folks. Cheers ~

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