Onward into the Individual Beer Leaning Plan (IBLP) with Part 4, your actual Plan.


What’s the schema for making it happen? Sit down with your self and determine what you can and will do to accomplish the learning you want to make happen. A lot of life’s lessons are incidental. Make your IBLP purposeful and intentional and you’ll achieve your goals. A plan will guide you, it’s something you can modify and adapt as best fits your reality and it’s an important framework to have in place.

How will you plot out the tools you find that appeal to what you want to learn? We discussed tools a few posts ago so it’s time to review those that you wish to utilize and then see how and where they fit into your plan. Brainstorm a list of tools you want to use, making no restrictions on what you write down. The key to successful brainstorming is to let it all fly out of your head and onto paper. Then sleep on it. When next you approach that list of ideas, filter, sort and further organize your plan for success.

Is there transportation involved? There may be components of your IBLP that require no further action than to get to a computer. And there will be times when transporting yourself to push forward is required. Take a realistic look at how this part of the plan fits with your budget and goals. If you are studying with others this is a component that can be shared as well – carpool, bike rides to learning destinations, and the like.

Are there registrations and ‘paperwork’ to fill out? Invariably you may be asked to complete some forms, registrations or other ‘paperwork’ in order to utilize some of the tools available, like classes and certification courses for example. Keep it simple and also look for tools that require the minimum distraction while providing the biggest return of your time and resources.

Is the plan logical with your life and lifestyle? Reality sets in and can alter – and has – many a course. Be gentle with yourself while still being dedicated. Life Happens is a saying for a reason. Let it flow, consider Plan B’s along the way, and flex.

Part 1: Topics

Part 2: Tools

Part 3: Location

More to come

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