Your Individual Beer Learning Plan, otherwise known as IBLP, is progressing nicely! Let’s cover Part 5 – Budget.

Ahh – the Money part of the plan. Some people say love makes the world go round, some say it’s money (We think it’s education, yet we’ll save that for another day.) Let’s dive head first into what can be a most sticky element – money invested in your pursuits.


What’s realistic for your goals? We all have money for what we want to have money for. It’s called prioritizing. And we all do it differently based on both our head and our emotions. It’s a good time to examine your life budget since we’re assuming that, if you’re developing an IBLP, you are making it a part of your life, however large or small. What your dollar reality is is your own question to answer. We’d caution you to keep it in perspective – going back to why do you want to pursue your beer knowledge and to what end.

Your IBLP budget is part of the nuts & bolts of the plan

What’s your stretch goal? A stretch goal is one that is a few meters farther than your ‘goal.’ It’s the extra I-can-do-it oomph that finishers and finalists find when they think they’re at the end of their resources. You could think of it as extra credit too. The additional enhancements that will amplify and intensify your learning. Have at least one stretch goal. And when you accomplish that, make another one based on and fitting in with your overall plan.

How can you commit to your plan within the parameters of your funds? Personal budgets for an IBLP should absolutely come after your primary costs of living are solidly covered. Unless an IBLP is part of your professional development, it’s a secondary expense. And even if you’re a professional, keep it real. It’s beer. Yes, wonderful incredible and fascinating beer. It’s still simply beer. And yes I know that can mean a great deal to some. Just stay grounded.

Are there scholarships available? Some educational programs have opportunities to partially fund or facilitate beer learning per dollars. Cicerone, for example, had a superb sale to celebrate a milestone earlier this year. They provided incentives to the learning process with reduced monetary investment while staying true to the high quality of the program. Ask if you don’t know if there are possibilities to be taken advantage of – the worst a company can say is no. And a No is what you’ll for sure get if you don’t ask at all.

Are you ready to ask for help if it’s part of your plan? Asking for help is a sign of strength. By asking for assistance you open the door for myriad conversations, connections, and growth to happen. If you have your IBLP in order, when you ask you’ll be much more prepared to give an intelligent answer that may very well convince the party your asking to help you.

Almost everyone in the beer community and beer industry is open to helping others learn about beer. How you plan, progress, execute and continue is all on you. Use the IBLP to help your journey be successful.

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Part 4: Plan

More to come

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