Today’s explosion of your Individual Beer Learning Plan (IBLP) focuses on People.

People: The most critical item in your IBLP, starting with you!

Besides the commitment you make to your self, who will you contact? Will they be available or interested in helping you learn? How will you approach them respectfully and mindful of their already full schedules?

Cheers to helpful beer people

Who will you call, email or otherwise meet to help you into and through the process? How will you choose people to tap into, connect with, or otherwise ask for help?

How will you make sure to thank and show appreciation to those who help you out? It’s very important that you execute timely appreciation to those who do help you out.

Yes, it may be good for the whole industry and beer community. No they aren’t obligated to help. Yes, most beer community people are happy to – if not eager – help other interested parties into the education fray. And everyone’s busy.

Be grateful in your pursuit and the beer universe will reward you nicely.

Part 1: Topics

Part 2: Tools

Part 3: Location

Part 4: Plan

Part 5: Budget

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