Recently, I fell a little out of love with beer.

It wasn’t a sudden occurrence. It was gradual. And it’s not a fatal falling. It’s simply an evolution of life and in life.

See, I didn’t wake up one morning so stoked about beer that I couldn’t stand it. That I had to shout it from the highest whatever I could find. I’ve never felt that way about beer.

I didn’t wake up thinking “Oh – beer! I’ve fallen out of love with you” either.

What I have felt consistently excited about is beer people. When audiences hear me speak, I often tell them the story of how I got into beer (it’s a Frequently Asked Question). It’s a fun one to answer and the key was this: I wanted to be around people I wanted to be around. Through a family member I had gotten to know Beer People. And I liked them, very much. They’re hard-working, fun, smart, engaged, make-stuff-happen people. My kind of folks.

The view from here...

The view from here…

So when I fell a little out of love with beer, it was a bit disappointing. Trust me when I say I am still mostly in love, though I need to expand my horizons to include beer and look well beyond beer.

Beer’s great. It’s simple, complex, global, tasty. Beer’s also just that: beer. Like any one thing, it’s only one thing. Life to me is multifaceted and begs to be continually explored and tried. There’s a whole world out there of Beer. There’s a whole world out there of Other Things too.

I’ve recovered from my out of love fall. And I’m happy to report I still “love” many things about beer, including a lot of the people in it. I simply need to put my hand to my forehead and look farther.

The business I chose to start and build, being a specialist in marketing beer to women, has been plowing prairies previously unconsidered. Virgin prairie is a tough row to hoe, literally. I’m not complaining because I think it’s truly ground breaking work and has high value. It’s some of the mindset of people the industry that has befuddled and lead to my fall.

Granted: the clients and interested parties that understand the value of our knowledge and how it can and does immediately positively impact their business are plowing with me. It’s the others who want “a few thoughts'”, want free insight and product who don’t understand and aren’t willing to pay for our product that are frustrating.

So I must include those who are switched on who “get” what I’m doing and I am pursing other avenues where the value we offer is seen and understood.

What else do I see worth pursuing? Plenty.

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