Cheers to female presidents across the world today from Women Enjoying Beer. Of course, cheers to the many men who are presidents as well. It’s simply more profoundly lopsided in the number of women as compared to the number of men. Here’s a list from Wikipedia to read.

Shiny pipes in the brewery at New Glarus

In the brewery at New Glarus

Curiously – I also found this article: Fastest growing women lead or owned companies. What does fast growth have to do with stability? Sometimes it’s precisely what undermines the capability to be steady, strong and long lasting.

And finally, for this short and sweet post today, cheer to Deb Carey of New Glarus Brewing in the great state of Wisconsin. She, her husband, and team have built a very fine company. Steadily, with an unerringly eye on quality and business sustainability.

Indeed, Ms. Carey has met with our president, Mr. Obama. It’s reassuring to see presidents happily getting along!

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