Our New Years glass is up to those who see the value of having WEB at their events and festivals. A few of those individuals include: Chris Crabb, Chewie Burgess, Steve Bahr, Patti Araas, Tasha Butz, Gayle Chisholm, Mary Ridderbusch, Hilary Kemmling, Stevie Caldarola, Nancy Johnson, Eriel Hoffmeier, James Book, Kristen Muraro, Ken McMullin, Lucy Saunders, Bradley Latham. I am most likely forgetting some. Know we’re grateful for everyone who’s in this arena.


They see WEB as a contributor, as the educators we are, as the researchers that we are – all feeding the beer community. And they’d be right. Thank you to them.

Educated consumers are good consumers for everyone. We’re your specialists to call for all kinds of crowds: female, male, mixed.

As marketing specialists as well, we can help advise and guide, augment and make your efforts go further with many previous successful past events to drawn on.

Even if you have staff members that do this planning, bringing in a fresh perspective and burst of energy can help them refresh, rethink and plan for an even more successful event.

For those who are looking to enhance their beer focused events, WEB is an excellent choice. We’ll speak, teach, conduct crowd pleasing tastings & pairings, and further enlighten the world about the incredible and simply amazing beverage we know as beer. The enthusiasm we bring and positive energy, diplomacy and good humor is worth every penny.

Find out what some have said about having WEB involved.

One Festival at a time.

When you’re interested in talking to us about how we can enhance your success, call soon – 2012 is filling up fast!

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