If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll see some hot buttons in marketing beer to women.

Focus on the beer, not sex

Today I’ll offer smart solutions for those 6 points.

1. De-sex beer. Take away any inferences or sexual overtones. What our culture could use, since it’s not a very healthy sexual representation and very lopsided towards objectified women, is non sexual advertising and marketing. A great product should stand on its own merits. Period. If you have to use sex to sell it, I’d make a stab that the product ain’t that great to begin with. Clever – great! Humor – good choice. Just make sure you remove sex.

2. High quality delicious beer is made for everyone. Beer is genderless – approach your marketing efforts this way, targeting beer enthusiasts in general, and you’ll be successful. I’d point to Schlafly, Boulevard, and Ninkasi as great examples of focusing on beer, not sex.

3. See #2. Beer enthusiasts come with female plumbing and male plumbing. Ignore the plumbing and go for taste buds.

Good example of classy, non gender specific label

4. Beer names and labels need to be thoughtfully considered. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s clever if you turn a ton of people off – unless you flat out want to turn them off (and ruin sales potential). Mistress, girls, chick, babe, and any sexualized reference of women is a bad choice, no matter who you are and how big or small your beer world is. Men aren’t labeled as such; don’t make the huge mistake of intentionally insulting 50.9% of the (entire) population with a insensitive or inappropriate name. There are millions of words – find some that work and still remain true to your brand. This includes images by the way.

5. There IS a market for craft beers for women – those beers are known as craft beers. Yes, I just repeated the obvious because it still needs to sink in with many. Craft beer should be marketed for all. Yes, you market different for different market segments – including men and women. That said, when’s the last time you heard some one say “I want a really crappy beer”?? Quality is genderless; treat your customers with enough respect that you assume they all want quality craft beers. The key here is education internally and externally.

6. All craft beer enthusiasts want layers of flavor, complexities and characteristics. That’s part of the beauty of beer. With four foundational main ingredients, those four in concert with whatever the recipe allows for already encourages incredible variety for people to enjoy.

So the message du jour for breweries wanting to attract female beer enthusiasts: market your beer on its own merits – high quality, local, value, good business practices (yes, for you), and they will patronize you.

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