A big fat Thanks! to the BA and to Draft for the great photos per the recent Craft

Kate from Harpoon

Kate from Harpoon

Brewers Conference photos. if you’re a BA member they were sent to you. (Now’s a good time to join the BA if you’re not already a member – in the business, supporters, etc.)

It shows that a good time – and hopefully useful time – was had by all. What an incredibly engaged, fun loving, smart, progressive, group of people.

I see several familiar faces – including mine (!) as well as Rebecca, Alex, Dave, Tom, Mary, Steve,  the Cargill Crew to name a few.  Thanks to Harpoon for their gracious Hosting as well as Boston Beer (bummer to have missed the fresh lobster!).

See you in Chicago next year – although hopefully before. Cheers!

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