If you were a beer, what kind of beer would you be?

While it may seem like a silly question, think about it from a customer perspective.

When you ask people – customers – what’s your favorite beer, you’re creating a boundary of thinking. You’ve asked them to name the specific limit of what favorite is to them. And you’ve done it with perhaps no context.

If you ask someone to tell you their favorite beer, you’ve asked them to make an absolute choice. That’s not the right tack to building both stronger ties with ideal clients and with future customers.

What if you approached it like this:

If you were a beer ingredient, what would you be? Where do you come from? Why and when are you utilized in the brew? What flavors do you impart and when? What do you enjoy about being part of a beer? What food do you like hanging out with? When do you like to pour on your flavor? When would you prefer to not show up? How do you like to be appreciated?

Open the border of what beer is and can be. Set it free from the constraints of ‘favorite.’ In my book I take the industry to task for using ‘favorite’. It’s so limiting.

If you were a beer and you were only mentioned as a favorite, how would you feel? Limited? Exclusive? Special? Caged?

If I were a beer, I’d be a go-to, a well-made balanced crowd and taste bud pleaser. One that many people smile upon hearing my name or tasting my flavor.

In every instance, everyone in the industry needs to be open-minded to beer, overall for the continued success of what the beverage is to humanity. Placing limits on beer is a dead-end.

So – let me ask you again: If you were a beer, what would you be?

p.s. you can remake the sentence to fit you, not simply to fit what someone else asks you to be.

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