• Is quality inarguable or arbitrary?
  • Is it something everyone can see, smell, hear, feel, touch and taste or is it invisible, odorless, silent, benign and flavorless?
  • Who determines quality and who measures it and by what scale or system?
  • Is the definition updated and if so how frequently or seldom?
  • Why does it even matter?

People love to have opinions. We all have them and we all voice them in our own ways. In the realm of beer I encourage everyone to focus on irrefutable quality standards, as opposed to preferences. Virtually everything can be loved, liked, dismissed or despised. It’s too subjective to build ideas and thoughts around basic opinions, letting dangerous judgements color the facts.

decide based on facts, not opinions

Decide based on facts, not opinions

Standards and scales that we can all address, learn about and from, and utilize would serve us much better than our own senses. People are quick to judge when given the opportunity, or when opportunity is simply taken without forethought or permission. Judging is a precarious and tenuous practice at best.

Think with your brain before you let your senses take over. Aim for quality and characteristics like cleanliness, sanitation, cell counts, and stainless.  Informed opinions based on standards are a much more sound foundation in which to educate and develop understanding.

Being intelligently informed is wise for all.

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