If you enjoy beer. If you want to enjoy beer more. If you’re interested in learning to enjoy beer. If you’re looking for some beer education. If you’re looking for social opportunities to enjoy beer with others. The list goes on.

There are a healthy number of great choices/organizations/groups to investigate, support, buy memberships to and the like.

A few include:

There are guilds, professional groups, recreational groups, collectors groups; blogs, twitterers, publications; events, conferences, seminars. Way more than I could ever think of compiling and listing here.

Google it up – find a way to extend the support beyond that wonderful glass full of what you have.

To help perpetuate, to help the industry grow and thrive, we all need to be looking into the servant mentality part of the deal: Finding ways to support great beer.

Step up. Join in.

Find a group you’re interested in standing with today – and join.

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