Wooldridge Winery is a favorite place of mine for a number of reasons. One being the very high quality and delicious wine they make (and grow their own grapes for), another being the people – wine makers, founders, and crew, and extraordinarily beautiful location.

As if that weren’t enough for this cross drinker, they host events for their wine club members. Yep, you guessed it – I am a Wine Club Member. And why not?! I learned about wine before I knew much about beer so have a taste for it as well.

In the recent series of WCM sessions, we attended a vertical tasting of a few different wines. WOW. It was tasty, highly educational, well done and totally refreshed my brain on tasting beer.

And more importantly, you can apply lessons on tasting and enjoying beer to tasting and enjoying wine or spirits, and vice versa.

Here are a few highlights I want to share:

  • Looks can be deceiving; color can be indicative of age
  • Wine should be sweeter than the food you’re pairing
  • Color is tannin – fullness, dryness and association with health effects
  • Acidity = brightness
  • Tannins hold aroma, young tannins have lower aromatic quality
  • Aging is a slow oxidative process
  • Lean forward to smell, which keeps your nasal passage open
  • Color is most vibrant the 1st day, before alcohol develops

The full house (tasting room) that took advantage of this super fun, fascinating, and helpful educational session no doubt increased their enthusiasm along with their knowledge. I know I did.

Message: Education.

Pass the bottle, will you?

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