Many thanks to the hundreds of guests that joined us at Left Hand Brewing for special Ales 4 FemAles events the last two nights.

What an incredible group of switched on, tuned in, flavor and fun loving beer people! T’was a thrill and honor to be part of this tremendous series that Cinzia & Sue started years ago and that Morgan adeptly runs now.

Cheers to Left Hand & Ales 4 FemAles!!

Cheers to Left Hand & Ales 4 FemAles!!

Here’s what I love about Ales 4 FemAles:

1. They’re about education first

2. They understand that addressing a specific segment of the population, in this case women, requires a dedicated effort

3. They have a ball bringing topics to the participants that enlighten, engage and promote education.

4. There is no chest beating of “We are Women, hear us roar!” – that’s not the point, and they understand that. It’s “We Love beer, pour us more!”

Monday and Tuesday were in the co-ed series realm which is all good too. Single sex education has huge and proven value. Mixed crowds for the right scenarios are equally productive.

I appreciate, laud, and admire Left Hand for this effort – all while remaining ever committed to high quality beer, taking care of their crew, and being a very active part of their community.

This is what beer is all about.

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4 Responses to “Left Hand is All Right!”

  1. Melody

    I came across your website while combing through the Great American Beer Festival web site. I would like to know is your site for just any female who drinks beer or do you have to actually work in the beer business? Thank you for your time.

  2. Ginger Johnson

    Hello Melody – The site is for all – we’re focused on education for consumers and professionals. Since we all start as consumer first that also makes sense. The content, in our recently redesigned and updated (work in progress!) site run the gamut of universal content to specialized with various audiences in mind: consumers, pros, media among them. Thanks for tuning in – thanks for supporting the Great American Beer Festival. Cheers & keep reading – Ginger, Founder

  3. Melody

    Thank you Ginger for responding so quickly to my post. I want to ask what books or magazines do you recommend I start out with to learn more about beer. Thank you and I’ll try not to bother you again.

  4. Ginger Johnson

    Hi Melody – I often reference books and resources about beer on the site. I’d invite you to dig around a bit and find what you’re looking for. We also put together occasionally reading suggestions on our safe secure once a month Enewsletters, which you can sign up for (above, left). You can choose Consumer, Pro, Media – as well as a combination of any of them you wish to receive. Keep reading & Cheers! g


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