You may know we have a weekly radio show: BeerRadio. It’s been cranking along for almost a year and a half now and we’re having a great time with it!

The whole premise is to offer fun education format to learn more about beer the beer community with a live guest each week from the beer community. These willing, smart and good humored folks are all over the country and from all areas of beer enthusiasm and knowledge.

logo designer = Curtis Taylor

The shows are aired live for the first time every Wednesday from 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time; they are streamable live as well – click on “Listen Now!”, upper left side of the top.

We invite you to listen in via our *new* Radio & Video Page, as well as scroll through the Archives on to download any episodes for your pleasure. Please feel very free to share them forward to others who want to enjoy learning more about beer and beer folks.

Thanks for the support. If you really like one program, if you really like the idea of a beer radio program, and if you feel compelled to act on that, it is community supported radio – donations are welcome always. If you’d like to be an underwriter of the show via Women Enjoying Beer, we’re ready to talk to you as well.

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