• Who’s got it? Women.
  • Who knows it? Women. Some men, a few beer brands.
  • Who needs to know? All the others.

Here’s the deal: I got a notice for an art show recently that had only 1 woman with 4 other men. Why, I ask?

This is totally avoidable. So what did I do? I have written a letter, to go out in the post this week to voice my concern.

Marketing power is developed and held by those in the marketplace who have some form of leverage. In the case of women and beer, women absolutely make the majority of purchasing decisions and they need to speak up more to eliminate sexism in beer.

Write letters – paper and pen type communications – that aren’t easily ignored or deleted. Make phone calls (vs. emails) and insist on speaking with the people who set the course for the company and those who make the marketing decisions. Ask them direct professional questions on anything you find objectionable and sexist. Listen. Keep challenging when you find they seem to not listen.

Yep, it's all of us speaking up that make the change happen.

Yep, it’s all of us speaking up that make the change happen.

Sometimes it’s easy to be eaten up by the negative vibe that sexism is. That said, we all can and must turn it around to make it work against the very problem it is.

Like I stated in my TED talk: Stand Up, Step Up, and Speak Up. In this case I wrote up – you can to. I encourage you to do so: start this week with one letter. Be sure it’s civil, succinct and not a rant. That’ll just push everything back.

We’re all responsible for developing and defining our own power. To women & men everywhere: speak up when beer is sexist. It’ll make a world of change. We all deserve better – so does the beer. Thanks.


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