While I like green chili, white chili, red chili – I LOVE chili beers. The kind that have a great aroma, a great flavor, and don’t burn your tongue off. The last time I had one, and I neglected to write down the brewery and name, was at the GABF a sliced-chili-peppers-for-my-toppingsyear or more ago. I can tell you that I’ve had a good one at Coopersmiths in Fort Collins before too.

I’d love to hear about more chili beers. Who’s got one they recommend? Are you a brewer who makes one? A chili beer lover who can suggest one? A home brewer who has had success with a good CB in the past?

As a specialty tryer, this is one for sure I’m attracted to.

Women in general like to try different, new, seasonal varieties –

  • Good for the consumer (something to expand the mind and palete)
  • Good for the brewers (something fun and different to experiment with or make)
  • And good for the economy (gets people out there partaking of that ever present affordable luxury we know as beer.

The kicker = specialties and seasonals will get new people – people who have never tried your beers before – in your doors. Why? Because the flavors you create and then market (the key here) will get the curiosity meter dinging….Plus (yes there’s more) women like to try things and recommend them to friends. Big time.

And you can’t buy that kind of word of mouth advertising.

Brew one up. Bring ’em in.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by MPG :: Mohini

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