Jamie FLoyd leading the sensory exercise at Ninkasi

Jamie Floyd, co founder, founding brewer of Ninkasi and beer friend & colleague generously invited WEB guests to their sensory lab Thursday. We gladly took him up on it because we know Jamie to be not only passionate about beer – he’s super smart about it too.

The ten of us who took advantage of the exercise walked out with more beer knowledge than when we started. And with an interesting lesson lodged in our brains, we’re all the smarter and happier for it.

Sensory is a big part of beer and keeping the flavors of brands as we know them using the science of sensory. I think it’s something that many beer enjoyers have no idea happens.

When you come across an opportunity to offer sensory exercises to consumers – do it! When you come across the opportunity to take one as a consumer – take it!

Educating consumers is one of the smartest ways to help your brand survive and thrive. Get them involved and they’ll help the breweries out.


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