• Is business good?
  • Would you like to make it better?
  • Would you like to grow your business?
  • Would you like more market share to help sustain and grow your business?

Did you answer Yes to these questions? Great! How would you answer this next set of questions?

  • Do you know how much of your consumer market share is female?
  • Did you know that fully 50.7%+ of the population is female?
  • What are you doing to appropriately grow this segment of the beer market?

Women are the market share that will make a difference in your business. Mintel International, a Chicago-based market research firm, “counsels craft brewers to target untapped markets by reaching out to women…” (Portland Business Journal, Dec 29, 2010)

Why would Mintel say this? Well, they say “Overall, the industry has plenty of room to grow.”

Would you like another reason? According to this poll by Gallup, July 2010, only 27% of women who partake of alcohol, drink beer.  How many women is that who could be drinking your beer and are not? Based on 2009 United States census estimates and the previously mentioned Gallup poll you have the opportunity to reach out to 58 million women who drink alcohol and yet do not engage with beer.*

How about a little piece of that pie?

If you were able to reach only 1/100th of a percent you’d engage 5,800 new drinkers of your brand.  How about 1/10th of a percent for 58,000 women.  Think really big and go with just 1% of that pie for 580,000 women drinking your beer.  This is an opportunity waiting for you to grasp.

How do you get a hold of this, though?  That’s where Women Enjoying Beer can help. We’re offering you the opportunity to learn about addressing the female beer consumer accurately and effectively and how doing so can grow your business.

1. Learn how to appropriately address, attract and retain women consumers.
2. Learn the best ways to communicate with women to engage them in your brand and keep them there.
3. Learn how to (and how not to) address women.
4. Find out what women really want from their beer.

Here’s an offer specifically for you during the week of the Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco, California March 22nd – 26th.  Sign up for a one-on-one, hour long, information packed session to learn how to address the female beer consumer. You’ll get all the information listed above for only $50 when you sign up by the end of February. The regular rate of $100 for the session registration kicks in starting March 1st.

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And just for signing up for this special, you’ll also receive the recently published inaugural issue of the Professional Women Enjoying Beer Bringing Beer To Life newsletter, a $17 value.  We’ll send it to you as soon as we receive your registration.  It’s yours to keep and use for free.

Register on our Services Page today. The conference is a busy time for all. Sign up today to save your space. Once you sign up, I’ll call you to arrange the best time for us to meet in San Francisco.

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Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is a business that develops and serves the female beer consumer. WEB conducts research, events  and education to gather in depth information to help the brewing community grow.

*By the US Census 2009 estimate there are 307 million people in the country.  Approximately 75% (230 million) are over age 18.  Yes, this skews the numbers slightly higher since the legal drinking age is 21.  50.7% of these people are women (117 million).  67% of U.S. adults engage in alcohol and assuming that it is equally divided between men and women, then 78 million women drink alcohol.  With only 27% of these women (21 million) drinking beer, you have an approximation of 57 million women who drink alcohol not drinking beer.

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