• Silence = agreement.
  • Speaking up = challenge, agreement, inquiry, support, debate.

Whenever we speak up about what you support and believe in, we can make progress forward. Indeed, when I applied to give my first TED talk (April 2015), I didn’t realize it was going to land firmly in the humor-cum-gender-equity arena.

So it goes for me. Why I can’t keep my mouth shut is the same reason I have a damn near impossible time not piping up when I see, read, and otherwise witness some sort of insult to gender related to beer.

Open your mouth...

Open your mouth…

The primary reason: it’s not necessary in anyway shape or form. Great brands lead by people who understand smart business rely on the quality factors, on consistency and on opportunity. Education for all with beer & women & men will move the progress needed forward. Gender equality is good for all.

So – speak up for your beer. Speak up for gender equity. Speak out against any -isms that we unhelpful to all of the above.

“If I’m too strong for some people, that’s their problem.”Glenda Jackson

After all, sharing a beer with people all over the globe should bring us together. And I say cheers to that.


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