Creative bottle design

Here’s a great example of an innovative design that will catch lots of new eyes.

It’s from Peace Tree Brewing out of Knoxville Iowa. Megan and her crew have gone into the brewing business with much thought and business sense. And it’s downright solid tasty beer. A credit to the craft brewing community.

Why is this an innovative design?

1. Is anyone else doing a 12 ounce ‘stubby’ design? It stands out in the see of craft beer, and beer overall. Yes, Full Sail’s Session is a stubby, weighing in at 11 ounces. On this case with a 12 ounce bottle, you can apples-to-apples compare the quantities of other bottles; smart math for everyone, especially consumers.

2. The labeling is right on – it’s fun, attractive and nicely colored. And it fits on the shorter shelves in my fridge.

How could it improve?

1. They have several beer styles and the labels are disconnected. Meaning this label is vastly different than the others; no brand continuity which in turn will make it hard for the consumer to draw one style of this brand to another that doesn’t look at all like it (with the exception of the bottle itself).

2. Like almost all bottled and canned beer out there, there is no consumer oriented descriptions of the beer. Yes, it talks about hops and such – no “this goes well with…”, or everyday flavors descriptions. Beer does not necessarily have flavors that are found in other common drink and food stuffs so to use everyday words is important. No, it isn’t dumbing it down. It’s bringing more people into the fold of understanding and educating consumers what beer flavors taste like.

Another great thing about this brand is that they saw the branding light and didn’t name it for a local river which had a sex oriented notation (even though the name works for the river). Although not many knew about this because they changed it before it opened, the fact they did in fact change it was wise.

Well done, Peace Tree. Keep on brewing!

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