Hats off to Sarah Hart today, the 2nd of two featured students who contact WEB per projects they are working on for classes.  We laud the way these featured students contacted us and were respectful of time concerns. Frankly, I’d have loved to sit down over a beer with them – and hope to in the future.

We’re honored and humbled and welcome inquiries from students, consumers, press and media and others who are curious about WEB and how we’re making a difference in the female craft/beer consumer landscape.

Cheers Sarah!

Hi Ginger!

I am a magazine journalism student at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Communications.  I am originally from Alexandria, Virginia (about 10 min outside DC), [and] have now lived in Athens, GA for four years.

I am collaborating with some other journalism students on a magazine geared towards young, educated, professional women.  Unfortunately there is a lack of smart publications available for today’s young professional woman, and she is left with magazines such as …., which lack the intelligence of seemingly similar men’s magazines such as ….  I personally enjoy craft beer more than wine and I know it’s something that has, over the years, finally started to earn the appreciation and respect it deserves.  Many women drink craft beer, but information about it still isn’t exactly mainstream, so I wanted to write an article to inform readers about the ingredients, process and purposes of craft beer.
This article will be published in a print and online version in the spring edition of The Book, and I will send you an electronic copy as soon as the article is written.
Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge.
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