Sunday brought us to Stone Brewing in Escondido California. Once again Julie, PubQuest, and I conducted a Geography of Beer event. Here’s the announcement.

Geography of Beer event at Stone

Geography of Beer event at Stone

Thanks to those who attended  – Fiona, Mike, Phyllis, Marty, Karen, Sandy, Bob, Howard, Barbara, Allan, and the lot. Thanks to Greg, Stephanie, Kathryn, Cale, Paddy, and the crew who helped us make it a great event at Stone.

Once again, an event like this clearly shows that education, interested people and good beer make a great productive combination.

How’d it work?

  • We highlighted 5 beers, from 5 states – starting with Stone’s own Oaked Arrogant Bastard
  • We talked about the beers themselves
  • We discussed the state of the beer and the beer of the state
  • Along with engaging audience questions and the tasting – well, an hour flew by pretty quickly

Call upon either of us – Julie or myself – to line up your own Geography of Beer. Whether you’re a brewery, brewpub, brewhouse or private party.

It’s all for the love of beer.

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  1. Julie

    Ditto to Ginger’s postings on this and the SDBC event. Not only was it fun and educational for the attendees, but I think we might have enjoyed ourselves doing the presenting even more! 🙂 Ginger also didn’t mention Larry and his excellent ad lib contributions as a real brewer. Cheers!


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