When you think about where the growth and sustainability of your beer brand will come from, what comes into your head?

Yes, your existing market support may well maintain. Yes, perhaps men will help you out. We’re talking about new growth here though – looking beyond who is already buying your beers. Who do you see?

new growth is important

Adjust those glasses and realize that women are where it’s at for developing new market share.

Women who are not yet engaged in your brand should intrigue you enough to find out why they don’t participate (yet). Ask them questions, hold focus groups of non beer enthusiasts to find out why, and ask all your ‘regulars’ why they think their non beerophites enjoy it. More importantly invite those non beer people to come talk to you and tell you why.

There are as many reasons as there are people and there are definite patterns and habits. Patterns and habits and reasons can all be addressed WHEN you know what they are. If you don’t know how to mine this critical info properly, hire someone who can get it for you.

Direct insight from consumers and insight from females who are not beer drinkers yet has a whole university’s worth of value to you should you choose to want it and act on it for your brand growth and survival.

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