Who are all these folks…the people behind the beer?

Who is planning, building, creating, teaching, pouring, selling, and putting their lives into beer?

Here’s your assignment today:

Ryan of New Belgium is an excellent beer person to meet!

Ryan of New Belgium is an excellent beer person to meet!

1. Seek out one (new to you) beer person today. They can be a brewer, someone who works within a beer focused company, and beer tender. A retailer, wholesaler and otherwise engaged pro. Introduce yourself and sit yourself down at their bar to enjoy a fresh pint.

2. Find out how they got into what they are doing. Too often we get the website story version without really knowing the person. Ask them questions off the normal media & press beat. They’ll thank you for it.

3. Ask them questions about the beverage, withhold any judgements and simply enjoy the beverage and their company.

4. Next time you have a gathering, invite them along. And don’t require they bring their work with them (they may just the same, yet make it their option).

5. Find out how you can support them in their work. Need volunteers occasionally? How can you help spread the word? What would be useful for them?

Beer is enjoyed universally. And it brings much to our communities, economies, world, and lives. Share in that joy by engaging with the people who are working hard every day to bring fresh beer to life.

Cheers ~

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