If you’re still stymied as to why a full-fledged business is around to help women enjoy beer, here’s a testimonial to sums it up.

“I took your seminar when you were in town for the Denver CBC. As a female and teacher by trade, I could see exactly what you meant about bringing more women into the beer fold (and also, specific to my brewery neighborhood, minorities as well). I started watching very carefully how I was treated at breweries and asked my other female friends about their experiences too. Especially my female friends of color. Luckily after a 3 long years we were finally able to open the doors to our own brewery in late February and I was able to start my women’s classes in June. Not only do I hand out some of your info to each of our employees, but I started these classes in an effort to be more inclusive to a wider demographic.
Cheers and thank you for opening my eyes to a subject that I am now very passionate about.”

So glad this business owner is using information we provided about women + beer.

When you’re ready to step up your game – call me. Supporting the sources of the hard work and years of insight and experience that makes her education richer is absolutely worth paying for.

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