With a hats off to Lucy, here’s the scoop on the very important 2016 Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference. Information and registration is here.

It’s totally my option to endorse and publish the press release here with more detail.

We’re all responsible for water conservation: it’s the key to life on earth. Never mind our selfish enthusiasm for beer!

Conserve, attend, support.

Conserve, attend, support.

Beer requires a hefty amount of water to produce it – from the cleaning and sanitation to actual production to the beer that lands in our glass. It’s critical we give it the attention, time, and effort required to help our planet stay healthy starting with our water.

“The Great Lakes Water Conservation Conference brings together brewers to consider innovative answers to water and wastewater management issues and discover collaborative, sustainable solutions for the community and for the environment.”

Do your part to conserve:

  1. Exercise restraint and smart use at home, business, volunteering and all places you are and go.
  2. Educate others and help them execute the same.
  3. Appreciate the life water helps us live.

Here’s a terrific 100 Ways To Conserve Water. Apply immediately.

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